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I have tutored students in the UK and globally since 2010. Excellence in Chemistry, Biology, and Maths for my students is a dream, I strive for. Exam-focused teaching methodology, intensive past paper practice, and proper time management help my students to secure top grades. Join COT to experience what makes our services so special in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics!

Founder & CEO of Chemistry Online Tuition Ltd.
-Medical Graduate of Imperial College London (2007)
-MS.Chemistry in 2010
-DBS & 15 years of teaching experience 

-CIE & EDEXCEL Examiner since 2015

Don’t just pass exams.

Aim for A/A* (A-Levels), Level 8/9 (GCSE/IGCSE) & Level 7 (IB)

 Topic-wise Notes, Questions, Video resources, and Extensive Pastpaper practice.

Group & One-to-One tutoring sessions!


Revision Notes

After 15 years of tutoring and worked as an examiner for various boards, I have compiled notes for my GCSE, IB, and A-level students. These notes are now available to all students.


Our meticulously crafted worksheets help GCSE and A-level students understand concepts and practice for exams. They are provided as homework during tuition classes.


Topic Questions

Students can access topic-wise question sheets designed according to their respective boards, aiding them in achieving a more in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

Solved PAstPapers

Past papers and their solutions are available in the resource section to assist with exam preparation which are sure to improve your exam grades!

Trusted by Over 1000+ Students

Chemistry Online Tuition has been providing quality education since 2010 and has successfully taught over 1000 students worldwide. One of the key features of the teaching approach is to identify the weak areas of students and focus on them to improve their overall performance. Additionally, tutors helps students to align themselves with the requirements of different examination boards.

A Level Chemistry Tutor

What Distinguishes Us from Others!

Revision Notes & Worksheets

I have been tutoring students in online Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics both in the UK and worldwide for years using my notes and worksheets which are meticulously crafted to align with every board specification and exam requirement, enabling my students to secure excellent grades. My students have consistently outperformed their peers in GCSE, A-Level, and IB exams by utilizing these resources. These notes are specifically tailored to exam boards such as AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL, and CIE. For more information, please visit the resources section on my website.

Topic Questions and Key exam points

My top priority as a tutor is to simplify studying for my students and assist them in excelling in exams. To accomplish this, I have devised a series of subject-specific questions that we work through together during our tutoring sessions. This approach enables them to acquire crucial exam skills and enhance their academic performance overall. During the final days before the exam, I prioritize key exam points along with questions practice improve exam technique.

Weekly and Monthly reports

Weekly and monthly reports are used to track student progress and identify areas for improvement. I regularly communicate with parents to discuss strategies for success.

Quick Revision Sessions

Our revision sessions start in mid-February and last for six weeks. They are intended to address any learning deficiency that students may have during the tutoring sessions. These sessions have been proven to be extremely beneficial to both current and prospective students who are looking to improve grades. Join us and take advantage of this opportunity to excel in your studies!


MBBS ,MRCP (UK) (medicine)

I have tutored students in the UK, Australia, UAE, and globally since 2014.
I am a specialist in PHYSICS and BIOLOGY. 90% of my students have scored A and A* in the last five years.

I aim to provide students with excellence in their subjects. Teaching them the techniques necessary to score A/A* grades.

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COT has empowered countless students from around the world, including those from China, Saudi Arabia, Europe, South Africa, Japan, and Canada, as well as many esteemed institutions across the UK such as Westminster College, American School London, Eton College, Newham College, Alleyn’s School, and Newport School.