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International Baccalaureate (IB)

Welcome to Online Tuition For Chemistry, Biology, Physics And Maths

I have been tutoring students in Uk as well as across the globe since 2010. Excellence in Chemistry, Biology and Physics for my students is a dream, I strive for. Exam focused teaching methodology, intensive past paper practice along with proper time management helps my students to secure top grades. Join Online Tuition Uk for Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics to see what makes studies so special!

Founder & CEO of Chemistry Online Tuition Ltd.

-Completed Medicine(MBBS) in 2007
-11 years of teaching experience in London

-CIE & EDEXCEL Examiner since 2015
-Chemistry, Physics, Maths And Biology Tutor

Don’t just pass exams.

Aim for A/A* (A-Levels), Level 8/9 (GCSE/IGCSE) & Level 7 (IB)

 Topic wise Notes, Questions, Video resources and Extensive Pastpaper practice.


Experienced Teacher

I have taught for over 5000+ hours or 11 years along with working as a examiner for various boards. It has equipped me with the art of gaining top grades for my students.

Online Classes

Online classes on Zoom or Skype in comfortable study environment. Students time on travelling is saved which improves the efficiency.

One-to-One Classes

One to One lessons and guidance for students to help them coup with all the areas of chemistry in which they feel difficulty, ultimately leading them to top grades.

Group Classes

I have taught in online group sessions for last 6 years with great success. Students willing to prepare in group session, just feel free to contact me.


Exam Technique

Helping students to adopt appropriate exam technique to change their approach of learning which has been a great success for 90% of the students which I taught.



Topic wise question sheets available according to respective boards for students. These sheets has helped students to achieve greater in depth knowledge of the subject.

Trusted by Over 1000+ Students

Since 2010, Chemistry Online Tuition has taught 1000+ students across the globe. Analyzing the weak areas of students with the aim of specially focusing on it, along with assisting students to orient themselves according to the demand of different exam boards has been a key feature along the entire teaching career.

A Level Chemistry Tutor

What Makes US Different?

Teaching Technique

With years of online teaching experience of Chemistry, Biology and Physics Online Tuition  in UK, USA & Middle East. I have been successful in helping hundreds of students to achieve top grades whether that be OCR, EDEXCEL, CIE or AQA etc. Right exam technique including key concepts while answering exam question outclasses my students from other in exams!

Past Paper Practice

After the lesson, I have always solved topic wise past paper questions with my students which helps them to understand the concepts better and makes them perform much better on exam day!

Flexible Learning and Availability

Chemistry Online Tuition helps students study chemistry in the comforts of their room making learning more efficient. Students don’t need to travel which saves time! Students can ask any question through mail for which they are replied back in 24 hours.

Quick Revision Sessions

Quick revision sessions for students aiming at revising key topics and intensive past paper practice has always paid of. Come and join quick session at Chemistry Online Tuition in uk  two months before exams to help you overcome the hurdles!



Queen Mary University of London.

Biology Tutor

Dr.Iman (M.B.B.S)

Dr.Iman (M.B.B.S)

King's College London

Biology & Chemistry Tutor



Brunel University

Maths Tutor


I have taught students across the globe from various countries like China, Saudia Arabia, Europe, South Africa, Japan and Canada etc. as well as from various schools across UK including Westminster College, American School London, Eton College, Newham College, Alleyn’s School, Newport School etc.