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Since 2008, I have provided online A Level Chemistry tutoring services to students from the UK, US, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and other parts of the world. I aim to help IGCSE, GCSE, AS, and A-level students excel in Chemistry. Throughout my 15-year teaching career as GCSE & A level Chemistry tutor, I have adopted the following preparation technique with outstanding outcomes.

My Teaching Methodology :

1. Comprehensive topic-wise notes and lectures for a thorough understanding and intense buildup of conceptual knowledge.

2. Topic-wise exam questions that are essential to achieving an A grade. These are solved after the completion of each topic, which helps students to prepare according to the board’s demands.

3. Key examination points that a candidate should write on the day of the exam.

4. Past paper practice in the last 2-3 months to help students instill self-confidence, improve exam techniques, and enhance time management skills.

5. Monthly checklists summarizing covered topics for progress tracking and homework worksheets for better understanding.

My teaching methodology has proven effective in helping students reach their full potential and achieve top grades in Chemistry.


Throughout my tutoring career as a GCSE and A level Chemistry tutoring, I have had the pleasure of teaching over 350 students from diverse regions worldwide. One of the essential aspects of my teaching philosophy is analyzing the areas in which students struggle and providing targeted support to help them improve. The graph below illustrates the results of my students since I established ChemistryOnlineTuition.com.


Dr. Ashar Rana

A-Level Chemistry Tutor

CIE & EDEXCEL Examiner

      • Medical Doctor (M.B.B.S), graduated from Imperial College London
      • M.S Chemistry
      • 15 years of teaching experience in London
      • IGCSE, GCSE Chemistry Tutor
      • A Level Chemistry Tutor
      • CIE & EDEXCEL Examiner since 2015
      • Over 5,000 Hours of Private Tuition given
      • Over 2,000 Hours of Online Tuition given

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Email:  asherrana@chemistryonlinetuition.com

Parents and Student’s Reviews

I take pride in mentioning that my students have consistently scored high in AS/A Level exams. Not only have they achieved the desired grade, but many of them have either studied or are enrolled in the top-ranked universities around the globe. It is not only the AS/A level students who have outperformed in the exams; my GCSE students always performed exceptionally well when grade boundaries were higher. I am honored to have received testimonials from Parents and Students for their GCSE & A level journeys with me.

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Resources (Topic-wise Notes & Questions,Key exam points)

I have always believed that a teacher should always share their knowledge and skills gained over years of hard work with the maximum number of students. Motivated by this thought, I have prepared topic-wise notes, worksheets,  and question banks available for all UK boards: AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR, CIE, and WJEC. Furthermore, these notes are specially designed to the exam board demands, which will help students gain the critical knowledge and technique required to score high in their respective boards.

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Tutoring Hours and Tuition Request

If you’re a student looking for private GCSE or A-level chemistry tutor, fill out the form on our Request Tuition page. My working hours are 10am to 10pm (UK time) throughout the week including weekends. Furthermore, parents and students can request a trial lesson of 30 minutes as well before proceeding to regular sessions.

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How do I teach using Zoom?

As an experienced online GCSE and A Level Chemistry tutor, I have found using Zoom is the most effective way to teach students at varying levels, including GCSE, AS/A level, and IB level. One of the key benefits of using Zoom is that it allows my students to annotate, which helps them to comprehend concepts more effectively. Moreover, Zoom works seamlessly for all my students, making it the ideal platform for online tutoring sessions.

A Level Chemistry Tutoring

With years of private tutoring experience and working as an examiner for various boards, I have realized that students often lose marks due to their approach to answering questions and weak understanding of the concepts. Having the right guidance at the right time is essential for students to achieve their desired grades after investing two years of their lives.

I am an experienced A-Level Chemistry tutor who ensures my students have a strong conceptual understanding and are well-prepared for the techniques required to earn high marks. As a dedicated A-level Chemistry tutor, I strive to provide my students with the best possible guidance and support to help them excel beyond their own expectations.

Drawing upon my extensive experience and hard work, I help my students achieve high grades in their respective exam boards. There are many tutors out there, who would be offering tutoring services but not everyone is well versed for the experience and dedication required to get a student top grades.

As an online A Level Chemistry tutor and mentor, I believe it’s my responsibility to offer competitive rates for my one-to-one and group classes so that maximum number of students can enroll without compromising on the quality of education.

For almost two years, I have been diligently writing notes and creating topic questions on a daily basis, in addition to my tutoring sessions. I am committed to providing the best learning experience for all of my students, as well as their future students, who have and will  place their trust in me as their GCSE and online  A level Chemistry tutor.

Tips for GCSE, AS/A Level Chemistry students!

Are you starting out with GCSE or A level Chemistry? As an A-level Chemistry tutoring, my advice would be that students should remember two key strategies to achieve good grades. In this regard, I’d like to share with you the techniques that I’ve developed over my 15-year teaching career that can help you excel in this subject.

At the beginning of their studies, students should concentrate on acquiring a strong foundation of knowledge in each topic. It is crucial to have a comprehensive grasp of every concept explicitly outlined in the specifications. Before even opening the book, it is advisable to review each topic’s specification thoroughly.

When preparing for exams, the second phase where you learn to apply the knowledge you have gained is crucial. Personally, I believe that it is the most important part of the process. That’s why I always encourage my students enrolled in my A level chemistry tutoring to work diligently, be attentive, and learn the art of approaching questions from the right direction!

To prepare for exams, focus on key topics and points. I provide a list of these topics every late March to assist students.

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