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A level chemistry tutor

Chemistry Online Tuition

I have been tutoring Chemistry to the students in UK, US, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and across the globe since 2010.

Excellence in Chemistry for IGCSE,GCSE, AS and A Level students is a dream I strive for. I have helped student’s get the top grades in 12 years of my teaching career.

I am Highly Qualified Chemistry Tutor and my teaching methodology includes the following:

1. Topic wise notes + Lectures
2. Topic wise exam questions-(Essential to attain grade A)
   (Solved after every topic completion to help student prepare according to board demand).
3. Key examinations points to be written by students on exam day.
4. Past Paper practice in the last 2-3 months.
5. Checklist after one month to summarise the topics covered

These teaching methodology has helped my students to reach their maximum potential and going on to achieve good grades in the Chemistry.

Why Me?

Since 2010, I have taught more than 350 students from all across the world.

Analyzing the weak areas of students with the aim of specially focusing on it, along with assisting students to orient themselves according to the demand of different exam boards has been a key feature along the entire teaching career.


Dr. Ashar Rana

A-Level Chemistry Tutor

CIE & EDEXCEL Examiner

  • Medical Doctor (M.B.B.S)
  • M.S Chemistry
  • 12 years of teaching experience in London
  • IGCSE.GCSE Chemistry Tutor
  • A Level Chemistry Tutor
  • CIE & EDEXCEL Examiner since 2015
  • Over 5000 Hours Private Tuition given
  • Over 2000 Hours Online Tuition given
  • Subject Specialist
  • Unbeatable Teaching Methodology

A Level Chemistry Tuition

My Topic wise notes, which I use in my tuitions, are completely original and created entirely from scratch. These notes are tailored according to each syllabus and provide detailed explanations that will allow students to achieve the highest grades.

I’m confident you will enjoy my 1-to-1 or group live lessons. However, if you are not satisfied with the lesson, I will refund your entire lesson fee.It’s worth mentioning that not a single student has dropped out after my trial lesson.