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About Us



Since completing my medical studies in 2007 and finishing MS chemistry in 2010, I adopted teaching Biology, Physics and Chemistry as my profession. I have taught students all over the world helping them achieve the best grades with utmost dedication, passion and enthusiasm. My motto is that every student can attain grade A or A* if they put in the hard work and follow the right exam techniques. My methodology has done wonders for students and after teaching over so many years along with working as an examiner for various boards has refined me to the level where my lessons work for all students.

I have students from UK as well as other countries. I feel pride to say that 90% of my students easily get the top grades in chemistry, Physics and Biology which is evident from the fact that¬†COT has grown immensely. My students don’t sit in exams just to pass, they bag A*!

I take pride in mentioning that I have been teaching medical students across the globe helping them with subjects such as Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology. As a teacher of many doctors working in various hospitals across the globe today, It gives immense pleasure that through COT I have served the humanity as well.


I work with exciting team of tutors, many of whom work in top independant schools in London. I have recruited them not only on the basis of their strong academic and professional credentials but also for their innovative teaching styles. Their lessons are challenging,interactive and inspiring, and will leave students with a renoved passion for their subject. I, along with my team adopt a fresh approach to the syllabus to encourage students to look at the content with a new perspective. Join COT to see how we get you to the top grade!