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CIE O-Level CHEMISTRY (5070) Syllabus

This page contains CIE O-level Chemistry (5070) Syllabus for students across the globe to help them view their specifications. Students and teachers are requested to prepare according to the topics outlined in the course. Students who require any sort of guidance, Please feel free to contact us.

Cambridge A Level Chemistry Practice Technology is the world of technology in which they live, and encourage students to take a tracking enthusiasm for science and logical developments. Find out about the basic standards of chemistry through the mixture of theoretical and appropriate investigation. Students also have additional investigations on Cambridge International level, the development of basic logical capabilities for the trend which is helping regularly daily existence. As they develop, students understand science and polish how to increase an understanding and aftereffects of logical researches that can do both good and awesome results for people, communities and environments.

 CIE O-level Chemistry (5070) Syllabus