Testimonials and feedback from students and parents

Excellent, Experienced and Professional Tutor- Highly Recommanded
Board- OCR
Subject- Chemistry
Location: Hampshire

Dr.Ashar has been a fantastic tutor to my son. He has really helped him develop his understanding of the subject and gain confidence, particularly in answering A level exam questions. Above all my son has really enjoyed the learning experience with Dr.Ashar – he was always engaging and motivating and was able to explain things in a really clear way. My son really enjoyed working with him. Dr.Ashar has always been extremely professional and organised and we have been really delighted to find such a professional and first rate tutor – it is always a bit of a lottery when you pick someone without knowing them personally, but we feel we struck really lucky. Dr.Ashar is highly experienced, a first-rate tutor and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to others.

Board- CIE
Subject- Chemistry
Location: London

Dr.Ashar has made such a huge difference to our child’s confidence and approach to Chemistry A Level. Dr.Ashar is calm, and reassuring and has such an organised and methodical approach to the subject. It was so easy to work with him from both my point of view regarding communication, but also from our child’s point of view regarding the actual online tutorials (which worked brilliantly).
But Dr.Ashar offered so much more than the teaching of the subject. He was sensitive to the anxieties that arise during year 13 and helped our child stay focussed on the task at hand when it all got a bit much. All of his efforts are are so very much appreciated by us all. I would highly recommend Dr.Ashar and can’t thank him enough for his help this year.