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I’m Dr. Ashar Raza Rana, a Medical graduate of Imperial College London have been tutoring for the last 11 years to students in London and around the world via ZOOM ( online one to one teaching app).

I provide specialist one to one tutoring in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Physics to IGCSE, A-levels & IB students. I prepare students for grade A/A* at A-levels, Level 8/9 at IGCSE/GCSEs & target Level 7 for my IB students. My methodology of syllabus specific lectures, notes and extensive pastpaper practice can get students the grade they desire for. With years of teaching experience , I prepare students in briefest concievable time.

I take a great deal of pride in my work and personally responsible for my student’s result – but don’t just take my word for it, just look at the student testimonials and the grades obtained by my past students since 2008 on

If you would like to know more about how can i assist you with accomplishing the grade you need, give a study plan as per your needs and provide one stop solution to assist you in making progress in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths, feel free to contact me.

I also work with exciting team of tutors, many of whom work in top independent schools in London Uk. I have recruited them not only on the basis of their strong academic and professional credentials but also for their innovative teaching styles. Their lessons are challenging, interactive and inspiring, and will leave students with a renewed passion for their subject. I, along with my team adopt a fresh approach to the syllabus to encourage students to look at the content with a new perspective. Join COT to see how we get you to the top grade!

Best Online Expert Tutors

Every tutor is vetted, skilled and professional and chosen for his or her inspirational character, motivational instructing capacity and confidence constructing abilities.

In contrast to different company, we take time to get to know our tutors personally. In case you are not sure that online tutoring London is best for you, we will prepare a free 45 minutes lesson, with no obligation to proceed forward.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

  • Apart from benefitting from our expert tutors, classes happen within the consolation of your private home tutoring, anyplace on the earth, there are lots of reason why one to one tutoring could be profitable.

  • In an overcrowded classroom, student hardly ever get to take pleasure in one to one tutoring London with their instructor. As a tutoring firm, we work with your child so that he/she get maximum advantage from one to one tutoring.

  • In addition to it, we create full college day substitute programs and tutoring schedule along with homework so that child can learn maximum within a short period of time.


How it works

I alongside my team of Expert tutors use online tutoring London platforms such as Zoom with an interactive whiteboard. The lectures have the option to be recorded with an added advantage that the student can replay what they have learned again and again for enhanced learning.

We provide students with topic wise lectures, notes and questions specially tailored to according to specifications of various boards. Students are provided with key points so that they can attain maximum marks in exam day.

Why Select COT Online One To one Tutoring?

With the demand for online tutoring on the rise, there are many reasons why parents and students should choose COT.

1. Flexible timing.

Most of the time, the toughest factor about finding a tutor for your child is the time management. Parents doing job and youngster busy with their after school work and Expert tutors having different commitments, discovering that magical hour on Tuesday night could be difficult. At COT, Expert tutors provide flexible timings for students. Lecture timetable could be arranged according to the availability of the student.

2. Efficient

At COT, I (Dr.Ashar) work along with other Expert tutors to make lesson more interactive, easy and interesting for the students so that they can greatly benefit from the private tutoring London.

Tutors provide them notes along with animations to help them achieve better understanding of the specific topic.

3. Secure and comfortable

With every changing world, tutors are COT are DBS checked. Expert Tutors at COT are highly professional, dedicated and talented along with having years of expertise in their relevant subject. Students receive lesson in the comfort of their homes which is not only secure rather increases the efficiency of the learning as well.

4. Cheaper Cost

Online tutoring London is cheaper as compared to one to one tuitions. As tutors are not required to travel so that benefit is passed onto students which ultimately makes online tutoring cheaper.

5. End of month Report

AT COT, we provide parents with a summary of the work done in one month so that they are well aware of the specifications covered during that time period.



I provide specialist one to one tutoring in these subjects, see below
  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Maths

  • Physics