Immerse yourself in these expertly crafted notes, tailored to align with the OCR A Level Chemistry specifications. These notes are designed to empower both students and teachers to achieve greatness in upcoming exams. You’ll find exam points highlighted throughout the notes, allowing you to focus on the most critical topics. By utilizing these notes, you can unlock your full potential and achieve higher grades, fueling your passion and paving the way for a successful future. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to excel in your studies!

Atomic Structure (Fundamental Particles & Spectrometry)NotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Atomic Structure (Electronic Configuration)NotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Chemical Bonding (Ionic, Covalent & Metallic.)NotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Chemical Bonding (Shape of Molecule & Intermolecular Bonding)NotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Amount of Substance - 1NotesVideo (Coming Soon)
EnergeticsNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
KineticsNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Equilibria - 1NotesVideo (Coming Soon)
RedoxNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
PeriodicityNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Group 1 & 2NotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Rate EquationsNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Equilibrium constant Kc for homogenous systemsNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Electrode potentials and electrochemical cellsNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Acids and basesNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Introduction to organic chemistryNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
AlkanesNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
HalogenoalkanesNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
AlkenesNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
AlcoholsNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Organic analysisNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Optical IsomerismNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Aldehydes and ketonesNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Carboxylic acids and derivativesNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Aromatic ChemistryNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
AminesNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
PolymersNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Amino acids, Proteins and DNANotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Organic synthesisNotesVideo (Coming Soon)
Nuclear magnetic response spectroscopyNotesVideo (Coming Soon)