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Revision resources crafted by passionate teachers and examiners pave the way for students to excel in their exams. These resources include topic-based notes, questions, and worked solutions tailored to meet the requirements of each specific exam.
As a teacher, I have observed the absence of exam-specific educational materials for students. In response, I have collaborated with a team of tutors to create a precise database that aligns with the demands of respective boards. As a tutor and examiner, I urge all students to prepare diligently and in accordance with their board’s requirements.
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Testimonials From Students And Parents



I just wanted to let you know I got A in Chemistry and A* in Biology. Thank you for your help.

Thanks and Regards, “


“Hello I got AAA and am going to King’s college for medicine”



“Good Afternoon Dr.

The results are out thnx u massively for all your help towards princess’ success.”



“Thanku for sharing the April Timetable.

Ariana Got back the results from her last chemistry test. She got 90% so is very happy.

Thanku for your support so far.

Kind Regards, “



“Dear Dr. Asher,

Thank you for assistance with chisom. He is now studying Machanical Engineering at Nottingham  University. I now wish to enrolmy second son in chemistry Tutoring. He is in year 12 at the moment and is taking chemistry for A Levels.

Please let me know what time is available for the tutoring.

Kind Regards, “


“Dear Dr. Asher,

I’m So happy to tell you that Omnia got her IB Diploma with all the requirements for East Anglia University which is her first choice. She got 7 in chemistry and she is soon happy. Thanks a lot for your help and everything.

Best Regards”


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